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Fixing blocked toilets and leaking toilets are by far our most common call-outs and given the amount of usage the average toilet gets day in day out it’s no surprise.

The effect of a blocked toilet is pretty obvious as it renders the toilet completely unusable. Our plumbers carry all the necessary equipment to unblock any toilet quickly and efficiently 7 days and nights per week.

When a client asks us to fix their leaking toilet there can be a number of possibilities including:

  1. A broken or leaking inlet pipe to the cistern
  2. The cistern continually overflows into the toilet
  3. The cistern is too noisy when it’s refilling
  4. The toilet isn’t flushing properly
  5. Broken toilet seat
toilet repairs & replacement

These are perhaps the most common problems we encounter but the good news is that they are for the most part, very quick and not that expensive to fix. Better still we can repair your toilet on the spot without having to schedule and charge for a second service call.

Of course the other thing to consider about a leaking toilet is the huge amount of water being wasted. Even a small leak can waste 100’s of litres of water.

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