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Blocked Bathroom, Toilet, Kitchen, Sewer, & Stormwater Drain Plumber

We are fully licensed and insured as well as members of the Master Plumbers Association. Our highly qualified plumbers use the latest pipe inspection technology and are trained to locate the source and cause of the blockage and deploy the appropriate equipment to clear the blocked drain. 

Our training and equipment saves our clients time and of course money. In the event that the blockage has damaged an underground pipe we also have the equipment and expertise to reline the damaged pipe without having to dig and expose the pipe in the traditional method.

Not only is this pipe repair method fast it can also save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repair costs.

So if you have a blocked bathroom, toilet, kitchen, sewer or stormwater drain call the blocked drain professionals on 1300 00 24 47 or contact us online via the form below.

Home Drainage Systems

Sewer drains are an essential part of a home or building’s plumbing system. They are designed to carry waste water and sewage away from toilets, basins, bath, kitchen and laundry fixtures within the house and into the municipal sewer system or septic tank. 

Sewer drains are now made of PVC but in the earlier periods, they were made from earthenware and cast-iron pipes and are buried underground, running from the building to the main sewer line or septic tank. They are typically 4-6 inches in diameter but can be larger in commercial or industrial applications.

It’s important to keep sewer drains clear and free flowing to prevent backups and other plumbing problems. Sewer drains can become clogged with a variety of materials, including grease, food waste, hair, soap scum, and foreign objects. Tree roots can also infiltrate sewer drains, causing damage and blockages.

To keep sewer drains functioning properly, regular maintenance and cleaning may be necessary. Professional plumbers can use specialized tools and techniques to clear blockages and inspect the inside of sewer pipes for damage or potential problems.

If you suspect a problem with your sewer drain, such as slow draining water or foul odours, it’s important to address it promptly to prevent further damage or health hazards. A professional plumber can diagnose and fix the issue and help you maintain a healthy and functional plumbing system.

Hydro Drain Cleaning and Its Benefits
Hydro drain cleaning, also known as hydro jetting or high-pressure water jetting, is a method of cleaning clogged or slow-moving drains using high-pressure water streams. This process involves using a specialized machine that pumps water at very high pressure through a nozzle and into the clogged drain, breaking up any blockages and clearing the pipes.
Here is how hydro drain cleaning works in more detail:

Inspection: A trained technician will inspect the drain and determine the location and extent of the blockage using a CCTV camera system.
Preparation: The technician will then prepare the hydro jetting equipment, which typically includes a water tank, a high-pressure hose, and a specialized nozzle.
Jetting: The technician will insert the nozzle into the drain and activate the machine, which pumps water at high pressure through the nozzle and into the clogged pipe. The water pressure can range from 1,500 to 4,000 PSI, which is strong enough to break up even the most stubborn blockages.
Clearing: As the water flows through the drain, it will break up and flush away any debris or build up, leaving the pipes clear and free-flowing.

Some of the benefits of hydro drain cleaning include:

Effectiveness: Hydro jetting is highly effective at clearing even the toughest blockages, including grease, tree roots, and mineral build up. 
Efficiency: Hydro jetting is a quick and efficient method of drain cleaning, and can often clear a blockage in just one visit.
Cost-effectiveness: Although hydro jetting is more expensive than traditional drain cleaning methods, it can be more cost-effective in the long run by reducing the need for frequent drain cleaning or expensive repairs.
Versatility: Hydro jetting can be used on a wide range of drain sizes and materials, making it a versatile solution for many types of clogs.

Overall, hydro drain cleaning is an effective and efficient method of clearing clogged drains, and can provide long-lasting benefits for your plumbing system.

Benefits of CCTV Camera Inspection of the Drains on your Property
CCTV inspection of household drains can offer several benefits, including:
  1. Early detection of problems: CCTV inspection can reveal potential problems in your drain system before they become major issues. This can save you money on costly repairs and prevent damage to your property.
  2. Accurate diagnosis: CCTV inspection provides a detailed view of the inside of your drains, which allows for an accurate diagnosis of any problems. This means that repairs can be targeted to specific areas of the drain system, rather than having to replace the entire system.
  3. Time-saving: Traditional methods of drain inspection require extensive excavation and manual labour, which can take a lot of time. CCTV inspection can be done quickly and efficiently, without the need for excavation.
  4. Cost-effective: CCTV inspection is a cost-effective way to inspect your drain system. It can save you money on labour costs and prevent unnecessary repairs.
  5. Preventative maintenance: Regular CCTV inspections can help prevent problems from occurring in the first place. By identifying potential issues early on, you can take steps to prevent them from becoming major problems.
  6. Increased property value: A well-maintained drain system can increase the value of your property. Potential buyers will be impressed with the knowledge that the property has undergone regular CCTV inspections and is free from drainage problems.

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